The vote occurs on 48 DAO. Only staked KOGE represents voting power. Notice that once staked, you have to wait 7 days before being able to unstake. Another 7 days is required to withdraw un-staked KOGE.

Notice all numbers below are subjected to DAO decision thus could differ with actual value on chain.

The club will periodically allocate KOGE into a voting incentive pool. Both proposers and voters will be eligible for incentives.

Every time a proposal is created, a dedicated proposal pool will be too. A default 4.8% share from the total pool will be extracted with a floor of 480 KOGE and a ceiling of 1000 KOGE.

Once the proposal finishes its voting period(quorum met), the proposer will get 8% from the proposal pool and then all voters split the rest according to respectively voting power. Otherwise, 4.8 KOGE will be returned and claimable by anyone.


Everyone can make a proposal if only and only if there is a 48er NFT held in the wallet, only the proposer must contribute to the proposal pool, 48 KOGE at least.


Everyone can vote for/against a proposal if only and only if there is KOGE staked from the wallet.

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