48er NFT

You are required to hold an unoccupied 48er NFT to propose in 48 DAO. One 48er one proposal.

The very first 48er NFT is minted by burning 48 KOGE. Each time a 48er is minted, the amount of KOGE required to be burned for the next minting will increase by 4.8%.

Creators are allowed to customize how the NFT looks, but it is only free when creating. Each additional modification calls for the burning of 0.48 KOGE.

There is no hard cap on 48er NFT.

But there is only limited KOGE to be burned.

Contract: 0x57b81C140BdfD35dbfbB395360a66D54a650666D

Specially, 48er NFT holders are eligible for Infrasturcture privileges.

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