The score mechanism has been introduced to encourage effective usage of the puissant service.

Each IP has its own score, which is calculated and applied independently. The reputation is a floating-point number with an initial value of 100.

Each time a puissant is successfully packaged, the score of where it is sent from increases by the value of:


where the gas_fee means the actual gas consumed by the first tx in puissant, and 60 gwei in the formula is a configurable item, i.e., the puissant gas_price_floor, which can be checked here.

When a puissant fails to package due to any tx revert, the score decreases by 1.

Every unit time (hour), the score of all senders from each IP will be accumulated in the past 24-hour time window. The value from the last snapshot can be queried through the query endpoint, if there is no record from the last time, the initial value is returned.

If the score value of IP is negative, puissant requests from which will be refused by the puissant service in the next unit time, and a low score error code will be returned.

If the sender address holds an 48er NFT, you can always send puissant regardless of your score.

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