Gas fee discounted

Puissant: [Fr] Powerful.

Hold $KOGE to enjoy discount of BSC gas fee !

As far as:

  1. There is at least 48 KOGE in your wallet(Including wallet balance, DAO-staked and 48er NFT).

  2. Use this RPC ->

You can enjoy a gas discount. Please notice there are conditions for this discount. The max allowed gasLimit is 250,000

The default gas price returned will be 1 wei because in certain wallets 0 gas price may trigger unexpected bug. Don't worry, 1 wei = 0.000000001 gwei, it's almost 0.

Since not all the validators seal low-gas-price txs (while 48 Club and partners do), gas discounted tx may be sealed a bit slower, it's totally fine.

*We only accept no more than 1 discounted transaction from identical sender each block.

*Please don't exploit the service, we have a blacklist mechanism.

*Discounted RPC work in privacy mode too.

Check github for details and issues. Consult for partnership.

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